21 January 2011

Pregnancy Memory #1

One morning last summer I snuck into a little-used, windowless conference room. I had the phone number for my OBGYN of choice scribbled on a post-it note, and dialed it up. I kept peeking behind me at the door, scared my clandestine telephonic outreach would be discovered, and then,

"Doctor's office, can I help you?"

Oh, my cue!

"Yes, hi...I am calling because I..."

And I could not think! What words are used to communicate the fact that you need to see a doctor because a stick (or 5) is telling you you've got a poppy seed filled with human potential growing in your tummy?

"...I'm calling because I, uh....tested positive for...um...pregnancy?"

That works, right?

1 comment:

JKA said...

ha! I love it, you should keep notes of memories like these! so good to see you merz, let's do that more often. i'm here if you need ANYTHING! come on baby time, bring it on!