25 January 2011

Hello and Goodbye

About the time I was getting Babycenter email updates that said things like,

"Hello, Meredith! This week, your baby is the size of a bing cherry!" or "Its eyes are sprouting on the sides of its head!" I thought something like 36.5 weeks sounded so deliciously advanced, so close to the day of reckoning/joy. Now that I'm here, nothing short of being in the hospital with an epidural dancing its way through my system seems close enough.

Even though I've done my share of complaining during the past 3 seasons, I have had some good times here in Pregnancy Land. There will be a few things I'll miss, and there are things I will welcome back with open arms.

What I've Been Missing:

- I miss laying on my tummy. Oh, so comfy.
- I miss my clothes. Last spring, Jeff surprised me with a pair of jeans, snazzier than any I'd ever beheld. We've now fondly named them The Extreme Fertility Jeans, because that's the effect they seem to have had. They sit, barely used in my closet, patiently waiting.
- I miss reeeally breaking a sweat and working out hard core. Oh my gosh, it's so fun. Not really, I'm just trying to think positively, because that's what I'm in for. Especially if those jeans are ever going to see the light of day again.
- I miss sushi. It's the unrequited craving.
- I look forward to reading a pile of books that would, in my current state, dehydrate my tear ducts and, ultimately, me.
- Oh, to just do something like KNEEL DOWN or BEND OVER and not have to strategize or weigh pros and cons beforehand. I was at lunch with my friend Lindsey a while back and some pennies fell out of her wallet. She's due the same week as me, and we both looked down at the coins, and then at each other, "It's not worth it."

What I Will Miss:

- Although it'll be more fun to hold a baby and marvel at his kicks from the outside, it's pretty cute to feel him do that on the inside. I'll also miss dragging Jeff's hand over for the soccer game in my tummy. His reaction is, as my sister Sarah would say, presh.
- The public is so nice to pregnant women! Smiles as I run my errands, every door held open, everyone asking with a lot more urgency or sincerity, "How are you feeling??", it's not too shabby.

And saying goodbye to pregnancy means saying hello to the prize, the Baby Mine, we can NOT wait to meet him. Especially after my shower last Saturday (post forthcoming), it all feels so real and thrilling, and I'm OUT of patience for him to become snuggleable. Baby love!

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