21 September 2011

The Day Whole Foods and I were Friends

I have a funky, fond amusement for Whole Foods, but I always feel a little like an intruder when I go in.   I feel certain they ALL know that I think the people shopping in certain sections are being taken for a ride because there is just no reason for ____ to cost that much.  They know I think it smells funny in there, and they're offended.  But I also have the sneaking suspicion that not everyone, but some of the flocks of liberal granolas there are aware of my conservative voting record, the amount of Diet Coke I guzzle every day, they know that I belong to a patriarchal religion, and lead a very traditional lifestyle.  And they frown on it or feel sorry for me, as I am surely sheltered, out of touch, maybe brainwashed, or a bigot.

But one day, a month or two ago, I was picking up some Fenugreek at Whole Foods by Jeff's office.  I was going to go visit him at work but Jude was hungry and I was starting to get flustered thinking of where I could feed him...

and then I slipped into a booth in the cafe section, and it was awesome because everyone that walked by was so happy for me, and we all understood each other.


The Laidlaws said...

You, my friend, are one of the funniest and most entertaining writings I know. Please write a book one day! :)

And thank you for your uber nice comment on my blog. As I sat down at my desk to read it I thought "I love Meredith!!!' Well, i've always thought that, but I thought it again this morning.

Love you!

PS- I should totally try to dig up those old phony-pregnancy pics. I was such a weirdo...still am. ;)

The Laidlaws said...

*writers. sorry for my #pregnantbrain.