08 September 2011

Splurge + Lights out!

When we moved into our house (already much more than a year ago!), there was a fridge in the garage left for us. It was small but free, oh wait, I mean no additional cost, so we hauled it into the kitchen and have used it and used it good. It started leaking out the bottom but we kept using it until (ssshhhhocking!) it started damaging the wood.

We looked at fridges at Home Depot 2 weekends ago and found one we liked; Monday it went on sale. Kaboom! Now it sits in our kitchen, most lovely indeed. (Did you hear that, Pottery Barn? We ordered something on a Tuesday and it was in our house Thursday! We still haven't received our sectional.)

Then after that all hell broke loose. We were feeling quite reckless and hauled off and bought a Zoku popsicle maker on sale. It's been a big hit between the two of us, and we are excited to build street cred with Jude next year when he's old enough to eat po'sicos.

The power was out for 4 hours this afternoon. Jeff came home a couple of hours early, and even though his plan was to work from home, I think it was most providential as he would have otherwise been caught in the most hideous traffic, and unable to work at his office! We went to the pool and Jude was, for the first time, LOVING IT. I am so drinking the motherhood kool-aid.

He had not been loving how hot the house was. Hence the trip to the swimming pool.

We drove around trying to find out if and where the power was coming back on, came home, put Jude in his crib, lit candles, and just as I was starting to hit a Zen about all the fruits of my Costco labor that happened TODAY going to waste, the power turned back on.

And therefore I was able to blog.

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Tanman and Merelips said...

My goodness I love your writing! You are so entertaining my dear!