14 September 2011


We spent most of the weekend in Vegas this year. Jude did much better this road trip than the last time -- but when the last time is the time he cried 99% of the way, it couldn't have been much worse :). I think he's passed the test and is approved for the 7 hour car trip to Palo Alto we have planned for October.

It was great to see everyone and we properly gorged ourselves at a buffet. Robert had a deal at the hotel we went to, but we had to sign up to the "Player's Club" to get the discount. Jeff and I are now playahs.

We swam, watched some of the tube, talked and talked, and Jude was loved up. I would like to make it known that I love ALL my nieces and nephews equally, but it must be said that on this trip, my nephew seen below had me especially wrapped around his little fingers. He is so snugly and a total hoot.

I forgot my camera, but my father-in-law didn't, and here is some proof of the cuteness I get to behold every time our families get together. Ooooohs and Aaaahs are permissible.

Can you tell by the size of my cheeks that I spent a lot of time at the dessert bar of the buffet?

Happy Labor Day 2011


kt said...

Palo Alto in October??? YAHOO!

ericareynolds said...

I think I spent more time at the dessert buffet!

Aly said...

What cheeks? You look beautiful. Also I love the pics below especially with Jude eating in his highchair. Did you get a fancy camera-some of those pics look professional. miss you!