15 September 2011

Watchables Part III

Jane Eyre -- THIS Jane Eyre.

There are about a million versions of Jane E. out in the cinematic abyss, but this one takes the cake! I can not stop thinking about it. With such a dark story it's easy to overdo this one. This version didn't give the feeling of such extreme darkness but also kept up the intensity of the story. Oooohh I really was sucked in.


Katie Waldron said...

I just finished watching this movie tonight! I am obsessed too. Loved the actors in it. I feel like Judi Dench is my Grandma I love her so much. VERY well done. I think I might just buy it.

M + D said...

I was also REALLY into it and sad when it ended... I want to see more of the story!! It was really well done ;)

Meredith said...

I saw this when it first came out in the theaters and while I really enjoyed it, I had also just finished reading the book and so all I could think about were the differences between the two--so sad! :( Mostly, I just thought it moved too quickly (isn't that always the case with films based on books?). And, didn't they forget about Grace Poole? Other than that, I thought the filming/actors/everything else was wonderful! I actually liked how the film didn't mention that Jane was actually related to St. John and his sisters, as that was a pretty convenient coincidence in the book. I should watch it again, now that I'm further removed from the book. :)

PS: Are you on Goodreads? It seems like we would have a lot to talk about on there.

mcampbell said...

I really liked this one, too...if it had just been a smidge longer it would have been perfect.

Miss B. said...

You recommend and I will watch. Thanks M!