16 July 2012

17 Months

Jude is my favorite 17 month old.

He is getting so heavy.
He's warmed up to the water (last year maybe it was his lack of awareness but he was much happier in the water than he was at the start of the summer.  Glad I stuck with it because now it's such a great way to spend the day!).

He will eat 3 scrambled eggs for breakfast.

He loves to stack his Duplos.

If we turn music on our phones he will do a little march-dance (that he also does when throwing a tantrum).
He's ticklish and silly as he always was.

He loves being outside, so his hair keeps getting a bit lighter and his skin gets a bit darker, and by the end of summer I expect those two things will match completely.
He loves STICKS.
He's more obsessed with his binky than ever.  A friend told me a while back, "You either get rid of it at 1 or 3, because something happens after 1 that makes them so addicted."  MAKES SENSE.  When he was about 1 he didn't really want it for a couple of weeks but I kept it around and now it's his BFF.  I wish I'd 86ed it back then.
He gets some bumps and scrapes but is so tough about it.
He flips his lid when Dad comes home, which makes Jeff flip his lid.
He keeps me busy all the live long day (except for luxurious 2.5+ hour naps!) but is so sweet I don't care.  What a lovey.

Thank you, Heaven, for sending him to our family to live.

By the way, this is what he looked like a couple of days BEFORE he turned 17 months.  On Saturday we tried to give him a hair cut without proper tools or training, and in the end the professionals had to intervene and clean up his head, which resulted in a summer buzz.  My cousin Hilary made me feel better by reassuring me that when it comes to toddler boys, it's a buzz or let it grow.  No in between. 

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