30 July 2012

Addendum to 17 Months

My brain has been in a place far, far away lately and I forgot to mention some of my ABSOLUTE favorite things about Jude lately:

- He finally is interested in books.  I used to sit him down on my lap, open a book, and 10 seconds later he was on the other side of the room trying to knock something over.  Now he will bring me a book and sit on my lap with his sippy.  Glorious day!  His current favorites are Mr. Brown Can Moo, Can You?, The Monster at the End of this Book, and Where's my Mommy?.
- Jude loves to SWIFFER.  This is probably his favorite copy-cat act, because it involves a large stick, but it is such a kick to watch him push around the swiffer like, "I got it, Mom, don't you worry about this."
- If he is running around in just a diaper he'll pat his bare tummy with both hands like he's just eaten Thanksgiving dinner.
- Not really a favorite, but worth noting: Jude is obsessed with chewing ice.  Buuuuuhhhhhhh.  It is a huge pet-peeve of mine when people crunch on ice.  Jeff thinks this is awesome because it's a total chip-off-the-old-block move.  This is just the latest in a series of edibles both Jeff and Jude love; at least it should be simple cooking for both of them.
- He "tickles" us.  Melt.
- He dances -- little knee bounces whenever music comes on.

Love that boy.


kentandnellie said...

He is such a cute little guy! Win is really into ice as well. Crunchy and cold...a good mix.

Carrie said...

I love reading all about your darling little guy. I know I've been through all of these stages before with Isaac, but it feels like so long ago that I've kind of forgotten. So it's fun to read about Jude who's just a few months older than Luke, to get a little glimpse of what's coming next. Except Luke already does the bare belly rub too :)

Alice said...

I love 1 yr olds!