16 July 2012


And I'm 30!  So far so good.

Jeff had to leave mid-day for work in San Fransisco, and even though I completely understood, I think he felt a little guilty (sweet) and so he turned it into Birthday Week (which I totally ate up).

On the actual day, Jeff scooped us up and off to breakfast at Cinnamon Productions (which we did last year, so does that mean this is a tradition yet?  I'd be good with that!).  Then upon returning home he gave me the Expedit 2x4 book case from Ikea that I'd been craving, and a couple of other gems.  He always leaves me feeling spoiled and hoping I made his birthday was as good as mine.

Then it was off to the office and SF for him, and Jude and I went for a run and did some bday shopping with some cash I'd been given by various patrons.  I gave myself the gift of a heavenly sugar rush with a 1 pound box of Bridge Mix from See's (as my mom would say, "Let's See's/Seize the day!").  Luckily Jeff was home by the next day to save me from myself as I repeatedly attacked the box.

Then while Jude napped I listened to a movie Jeff would not enjoy while putting together the Expedit (which they said should be assembled by no fewer than 2 people but in my old age I'm learning to ignore advice given in Swedish instruction pamphlets).  It's now in the nook/reading corner; pictures to come.

After naps it was time for a quick GNO at Nordstrom Cafe with some of my favorite gals.  One of the husbands watched Jude (along with his baby) so I could sit back and relax.  So nice.

I ended the evening talking on the phone to sweet family, friends, my cute husband, eating bridge mix, watching tv, enjoying Merzy Time, and I fell asleep on the couch.  Such a fun day, and it made me feel warm and loved.

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Rachel said...

Happy Birthday!