10 July 2012

Last Day of my 20s

In an hour and 19 minutes, my 20s are no more.  I thought I would feel weird about this, but no, it feels like time.

I'd just like to record here and now that I am satisfied with the decade that is marching its way out the door.  A lot of it was filled with college, a mission, travel, dating, introspection, figuring out what to do with my life, wishing a heavenly host would come down from the sky to tell me what to do,  etc. etc. etc.  There was angst, there was sorrow, there was joy, there were nostril-flared laughing spells, see what I'm saying?  It's about what I think it should be.  And I was very lucky to fall in love with the right guy about 70% of the way through my 20s, and because of that I have good reason to be excited about what's going happen in my 30s (and 40s, 50s, etc.).  I'm sure there will also be bouts of sorrow, and joy, and nostril-flared laughing spells, but a healthy and loving companionship enhances all the good and makes the bad easier to swallow.

I'd also like to record I spent a good chunk of the last day of my 20s at your favorite place and mine, 

Hours of my life (and Jude's), but I thought I'd better get my license renewed.  It's just one of the many lessons of responsibility that were solidified in my brain during my 20s.  

Survival of the DMV with a wild man was made possible by stroller straps and buckle, lots of food, my iPhone and a miracle.  Jude took some artistic photos of the glory that surrounded us.

And here I am with one of my all-time favorite products of my 20s.  

Welcome, 30, welcome.


chayes said...

Happy, happy birthday Merzy dear! Happy days will come to you all year! If I had one wish then it would be a happy, happy, birthday to you from me!

jocie said...

My birthday is July 10th. The proximity of our birthdays just gives me one more reason to be convinced of your greatness.