13 September 2012

At our house lately

things are just chugging.

  • I still go running every morning, although it can't really qualify as running anymore because I am just so darn slow.  I believe it's been a positive, though, and I'll do it until my belly or the baby tells me to stop.  My doc says he thinks it's great.
  • I have felt so much more emotional this go around, and therefore deleted the Facebook app off my phone this morning.  Thanks to all the worthless political rants + my pregnancy richter scale of emotions, I figured it was best before I dove in and responded to some status update about something stupid like how we shouldn't vote for Romney because he happens to have a lot of money.  I am 99.9% sure that if any of the people complaining about it had that much money themselves, they'd be thrilled and feel proud of themselves.  And, like Mitt, they'd impart of their substance to those less fortunate.  
  • The weather is still hot, so obviously I'm still bothered about that.  I've never heard of SAD going toward people in hot weather, but that's what's happening over here!  Jeff has been taking Jude to the park these days, after it's cooling off.  We go to the pool and splash pad sometimes because I want to be a good mom, but putting on a swim suit chips a few notches off my happy scale.  
  • I have so many plans and ideas of things I want to do when the weather cools off and I'm not so grumpy!  I'm going to do some canning with a friend, pumpkin patches, a Favorite Things party, Christmas party, I hate carving pumpkins but have some Pinterest-sent ideas of other ways to decorate them that have nothing to do with seeds, goop, or knives, I have a list of about 10 soups I want to try, oh it's going to be good.  
  • When Jude sneaks into the office, this is what happens in about 3 seconds.  It's beyond lovable. 


Alice said...

color of the walls is so beautiful! oh and the kid is cute too!

Rachel said...

I think I have SAD in this weather too! I want fall weather and am NOT enjoying being 9 1/2 months pregnant in 90+ degree heat anymore. Ugh.

Meredith Hayes said...

Rachel I can't imagine being 9.5 months pregnant right now! You have my sympathies and I'll hope extra hard it turns cool soon!!