01 September 2012

Good times are here again

It took from Saturday to Friday morning for my Jude to return from the fiery pits of Mordor (Binky Detox).

I just started writing more about that, but I'm not sure how far I want to dive back into this subject because, you know, it was a really dark week.  I wondered if my happy baby had possibly forgotten that he wanted the binky and only remembered that, in his mind, a terrible injustice had occurred, might never forget it, and thus he had morphed into a chronically grumpy toddler.  Anyway, I'm extremely grateful to say that although getting over his binky seemed overly drawn out and overly dramatic, my baby is back and I've learned more blood-sweat-and-tears lessons about parenthood.  Today while he was giving me kisses and zerberts and giggling for no apparent reason other than he's high on life and drug free, the birds were chirping and the sun was shining and I was feeling good and more relieved than I've felt about anything in a long time.  

Trying out Acai bowls and Jude is whooping for joy (I think over Romney's awesome speech Thursday night.)

He may love to watch Tangled, but this boy is also all about throwing a ball, pushing a toy car around, and sneaking into the driver's seat of any car he can get into (this one conveniently with door open inside the mall for a Lexus promotion.  Dream big on so many levels, bud).

Because it was Saturday, it's a holiday weekend, and Jude was being a rock star, we did some really fun things like go to the Farmer's Market in Laguna, errands happened solo and altogether (going grocery shopping alone is such a thrill for me!), and then my parents came down to watch Jude, at which juncture Jeff and I excused ourselves for dinner and a movie.  High 5s all around.

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jocie said...

Oh man, Cate is seriously addicted to her binky. I dread the detox...