08 September 2012

Jude Update

Jude's first 2-word sentence: "No, mom."  Sometimes he mixes it up a little with, "No-no, Mom."  I have traced an edge of condescension once or twice.  *Sigh* it begins.

Mostly, though, he is keeping me on my toes in a good way.  He insists on brushing his own teeth, sometimes allowing me to help as long as he's still holding it, he has started to put his own toys away (yippeeeee!), and makes "vroom vroom" noises while pushing his little toy cars around.  He is very particular about things being in their PLACE, and loves stacking and basically just arranging.  Very cute: instead of pitching his sippy across the room when he's done with it, lately (usually) he'll set it gingerly on the ground, standing upright.  I love it every time.  

Since we nibble his toes, give him zerberts, tickle, and otherwise attack him 50 times a day, he's been doing it to us but doesn't get that soft biting is key. I know he's going to draw blood one of these days.  It's another one of those things I know he's doing just to be a part of the big kid group, and to copy us, so we don't want to smash that, either.  Herm.

Anyway, feast your eyes on our favorite:

This is the face he usually makes when he's coming to "get" us with bites, tickles, etc.

"Mom, just let me try out the camera.  I promise I will not touch the lens, and will use utmost caution."

Ok see the intensity here??  Do you see why I'm exhausted all the time???  This is when he's sitting on the couch!


Now he's just being a "cutie boy", as his cousin Julia might say.

Yeah I'm not fooled, but I appreciate it all the same.

Oh we love him.



JH said...

I sure do love that little guy.

Alice said...

Oh he's so cute, I love little boys, until they turn into monsters at 3.

chayes said...

We love and miss him! I wish I could kiss that sweet little angel face! And those eyes! Wow!

meredith c. said...

he is such a perfect mix of the 2 of you!