19 September 2012

20 Weeks

Half-way there!  That's alright with me.  HERE I am at 22 weeks with Jude; I have decided I carry so weird.  I had the same low, tent-like peak to my stomach last time.  Where's that cute, high, basketball that other ladies have (Annie Reynolds, I'm talking to you!)??

Disappointment in prego bump styles aside, things are good.  We had a healthy outcome from our ultrasound yesterday.  Jude decided that since Jeff was there, he could act twice as crazy.  My last OB's waiting room was more of a pausing room.  This new OB I sit there for 30 to 60 minutes wrangling Jude.  I think I'll go for afternoon appointments from now on and get a babysitter.

Also get this.  This will blow your mind.  Yesterday I was 20 weeks and 0 days but the baby was measuring 20 weeks and 3 days!  So maybe I only have 19 weeks left??

Craving french bread with cream cheese and fig jam.  Want to sit but can't.  Sleeping on one side.  Forgetful.  Cleaning like every wipe and scrub is a winning lottery ticket.  Always hot (although it's cooling off a bit outside!!!).  Haven't done anything with the nursery.  Can't wait to meet my baby and be a family of 4.  Until then, soaking it up with my one wild man Jude.


ericareynolds said...

I feel your pregnancy bump pain. I just look FAT until about month 7. It's great for my ego. :) You look great by the way and I can't wait to meet my new little nephew! Hooray for babies!

James Eaton said...

I will bring the fig jam and cream cheese to your door. In addition,I have fig balsamic vinegar - sounds great on baguette.

Rachel said...

You look adorable!