28 August 2012

Binky Detox

This is one of those posts that could be categorized as "written by a mother who has all day to focus on only one child"....

Last Friday Jude had his 18 month check-up and I asked the beloved pediatrician when would be a good time to take him off the binky, since I don't want scenarios like "the baby is sleeping in the swing, I'm just starting on the dishes that have been piled in the sink, and then Jude runs over and pops the binky out of the baby's mouth, waking him up, because Jude still thinks binkies are awesome and doesn't get his own anymore".  The doc said with at least a few months to spare, but just as he was saying that, Jude hopped off my lap, ran over to the chair where his clothes were sitting on my purse, picked up a shoe, and, holding it up, said from under his binky, "Shslifufm!"

The doc said, "But actually I would recommend it now.  See that?  He was probably trying to say 'Shoe' but he's got the binky to complicate things.  It's hard enough to learn how to talk, and this is making it harder."

Now, I am all about Jude talking.  Every day I wonder what is going on his cute head and look forward to the discernible things that will come out of his mouth.  Plus, Jude knows how to take the binky clips off his clothes and it's one more thing I have to keep track of.  It was decided.  The binky would be gone on the morrow.

Dr. Ball promised it would be just a couple of "bad days" but let me offer a visual of what life has been like for Jude and I since Saturday:

I'll put it simply and not go into too many gory details: he's going through his equivalent of heroine addiction withdrawals and is in the depths of despair and misery.  I've been startled by just how crazy he's going.  Major downward spiraling.  My friend Courtney made me feel so much better by relating that her daughter was the exact same way for a week (the validation that comes from parents with similar experiences is so comforting!), so I'm just telling myself I have 3.5 days left.  If I hadn't already gone through sleep training, and experienced the whole deal of hearing a baby cry longer than your nerves and heart can stand for his/her own true benefit, I would have given in Saturday afternoon.

Did I mention Jeff has been working almost non-stop?  Didn't see him all weekend?  I think it's maybe best this way, as at least Jude has one parent whose name is not mud.  :)

Anyway if you feel like your week is awful, just picture me listening to Jude do his growl-cry, probably rolling around on the floor, and hopefully you feel better.

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JerzyGrl said...

Good for you! We did binky detox for Madeline AFTER Olivia was born. It was pure torture, and I was sleep deprived. You will be happy you did it now, even if it sucks for a few weeks.