22 August 2012


I felt the baby kick for the first time yesterday and thought, "OOooooh, that's so cute!"

I'm 16 weeks and cruising.  I don't have many complaints right now, except for the blistering heat that sucks the life out of me the moment I set toenail outside.  I do it because Jude would probably spontaneously combust without outdoor activities, and it DOES help him take a better nap, but saints above, I can NOT wait until the fall.  And I know Orange County does not carry the nation's highest temperatures, but since they bleed us in taxes, I expect gentler weather.  In fact, I'd like a tax rebate.  And I tip my hat to my sister Elizabeth and my sister-in-law Erica who both had babies in August or September while living in Las Vegas.  Yikes.

I'm mulling over paint colors for the baby's room.  I have always felt compelled to use a color, but now I'm thinking WHITE!  I feel I spend so much time cleaning the house, only to have most of it undone very, very quickly.  White is clean and fresh.  Sometimes I think ANYthing to help promote the feeling of tidiness and simplicity is something I would so appreciate.  Also, the room the baby is going to get has the best light of any bedroom in the house.  It has been used as the guest room, and we're not in there much, but every time I am in there I think, "Aaaahhhhh."  Such a happy feeling in such a bright, cheerful spot!  I realized SOMEone in our family should get to be in there every day, instead of the sporadically arriving guest!  So we are moving the guest room down the hall, and baby brother gets to be in the happy room.  As for the white v. some other color paint debate, no final verdict.  I don't want it to look like an operating room, just FRESH and clean and cheerful.  (Consolation prize for guests: You may not get the lightest room in the house anymore, but you DO get a room with wainscoting Jeff is installing with his own 2 hands!  A true labor of love, since he has so little free time!)

We haven't dug our heels in with too many names yet.  We've got a few ideas, but lightening hasn't struck yet the way it did with Jude (but even when it does strike or we decide, it's in the vault again until we meet our little pledge).

Consistent Cravings: Rubio's Wild Salmon Tacos, Saag Paneer, and my Revive smoothies have just become the latest one.

Like last time, you may call me the biggest cry baby on earth.  It's shameful how little it takes to get my tear ducts flowing.  Talking about things close to the heart, of course, hearing sad news, but also a lot of movies, which is kind of lame.  The preview for Les Mis last week when Jeff and I snuck out on a "school night" to see Bourne Legacy (which I LOVED!).  I had Jeff start Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close without me since I still can't get very far into the book, but when I entered the room during a certain scene, I was almost instantly sobbing and Jeff had to turn it off.  When Rapunzel is reunited with her parents on Tangled I can't help it.  And last night I watched Super 8 and was torn to smithereens inside when he's watching home videos of his dead mother.  My eyes were puffy this morning. After the baby comes, I give myself a few months and then it's Camp Toughen Up.

And last but not least, the bump pictures.  I'm in that phase where it just looks like I've let myself go; there isn't a clear basketball yet in most of the clothes I'm wearing.  Tadaa:


Alice said...

Try Benjamin Moore Wickham Gray, it's refreshing and light, we put it in part of our bedroom


Meredith Hayes said...

OOh, I checked it out and I love it! I think we just might go with that one!

Meredith said...

Funny you mention white paint! I think I just memorized the Benjamin Moore white paint section while trying to pick out colors for our house. We went with Ivory White for our entry, stairway, and family room. It's a warm, cozy white and I'm so happy with it. So happy, in fact, I think I'm going to have our kitchen painted the same color later this week, haha. Good luck!