08 August 2012

The Forgotten Nephew

Not exactly forgotten, but....

As children go, for about 8 years there Elizabeth's kids were my main focus and the apples of my eye.  No amount of pictures, stories, information of any kind was too much.  I was obsessed, would brag about them, visit them as often as I could, think about them when they weren't around, etc.  When Julia, her third, was born I was the first to get to Vegas to help out, and when they blessed her Jeff and I were the only Eaton representation.  I know that I am partial but they are uncommonly cute and funny.  I just could not imagine it got any better.

Then 10 days before Jude was born, her 4th and final, Ian, came along.  I didn't get to see him until they were almost 2 months old, and by then, I was a changed woman.  The love I had for my sister's kids had not diminished a speck, but Jude had taken over everything and had the lion's share of all I had to offer.  Any time I would have held Ian, I was holding Jude.  My focus was just not the same.  And I don't think I'm really supposed to apologize for that; I dare any mom to say she loves any baby more than her own.

And it gets worse from there.  Now that Jude has this insane obsession with Apple products, I don't talk on the phone much in his presence because it only invites a tantrum.  So the anecdotes are fewer, the visits are fewer (traveling willy nilly being NIXED from life), and pictures are pretty much the only thing that has not diminished.  We have visited, and I have loved spending time with Ian, but the first thing that came to mind when I thought of him is the fact that he is incredibly sweet, go-with-the-flow, mellow, and accommodating. (That's a fraction of the info that would come to mind with her other 3.)

My exposure to and my bond with Ian has been waiting to be increased and strengthened.

So after the St. George family reunion, we hunkered down in Bountiful for a few more days and got to go see Elizabeth et al a couple of times.  And Jeff, Jude and I got to know Ian.

These pictures do not do him justice.  What a dream.  His eyes take up approximately 64% of his face.  He has frothy blonde curls and long, long legs.  He snuggles like a pro and oh so willingly.  He is chatty.  He does the cutest hand motions The Itsy Bitsy Spider.  He and Jude got along like old friends.  He is a Jex/Eaton production through and through, and Jeff and I have remarked on how awesome he is many, many times since mid-July.  They're coming down in a few days for Cameron's wedding, and as was my reaction toward past visits with Sam, Sadie and Julia,  I can't wait to get my hands on him, give him treats and campaign for favorite Aunt.

Ian, I love you.

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