07 August 2012

Hayes Family Reunion 2012

In July we had a family reunion in St. George, UT.  So.  Much.  Fun. 

We rented a big house that accommodated us all very nicely.  

This is how Jude felt about... 1/13 of the road trip.

I was happy to take this photo, but I would like the record to reflect that it was not my brain child. :)  We got a great family picture with my FIL's A-MA-ZING new camera that I am probably going to use as a Christmas card picture -- done and done.

I was discreet.

I spent waaaay too much time getting Mavericks soft serves in college.  I texted this picture to my  former co-patrons and we reflected on how funny it was that at the time we couldn't understand why we didn't lose weight with all the running we did....

Something funny Jude started doing on this trip: he started to become aware of and very concerned about his owies.  He's always scuffing up one of his big toes; it's always molting.  He also has had a few scrapes on his knees in the last month.  He never cared about them before, and they certainly didn't seem to hurt him, until now.  Usually when he's in the car seat or stroller, he will get this look of concern and make this weakened wimper of an "Oooh" and point to and pick at Ground Zero.  We of course validate his feelings and check it out, give it a kiss, etc.  Anyway, here we are driving to Zions for a hike, and with Grandma and Grandpa in the back, he had a captive wound audience.

Here come the Hayes folk up the trail to Emerald Pools!

Jude didn't care for the back carrier too much in Hawaii but he was a DREAM during the Zions hiking.  Seriously, I was so grateful to him for letting us enjoy the scenery.  What a guy. 

Afterward we found a nice shaded grassy spot that was perfect for eating ice cream cones on.  Jude was, as per usual, entertained by his cool big kid cousins, and while the ice cream was around, enjoyed going from person to person with his mouth open, leaning forward, ready for them to impart of their substance.  What a scavenger.  In moments like this I am glad he is getting a sibling; he really is 100% convinced the planet rotates at his command and only for him.

See?  Cousin attention galore.  He was sort of just tolerating this affection here, but...

"Ok really, Sam, that's good right there.  You can stop now."

I came down to one of the basement "Harry Potter closets" looking for Jude and found him sitting here with every single one of his cousins sitting before him in a semi-circle, looking for ways to wow him.  How lucky is this little boy??

Interviewing Kate -- love.

I wish I had more pictures.  We got to do all the fun stuff like stay up late talking and telling stories, we all took turns cooking and everyone brought their most serious A-game, there was a pool I unfortunately never made it into but looked awesome, Angie put on the Hayes Family Olympics (I won the gold for the bubble gum blowing contest), it was a great time.  I know a lot of hard work went into it, and I tip my hat!  I scored big time marrying into this fam.  It only seems criminal we can't get together more.  I can't wait for next year!

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Alice said...

Sylvia got a tiny little scratch on her toe 2 days ago and she still keeps pointing it and saying "i hurt here." she's so dramatic. she and Jude are like two peas.