19 August 2012

Mr. & Mrs. Eaton

There is now an Eaton girl once again (besides my mom, but she's more of a lady).

Yesterday Cam and Katelyn got married, and it was great (understatement).

They are happy and lovey, I didn't look at either of my parents the entire ceremony because I was too worried they'd be crying and then I would have to cry too, the entire shebang was beautiful, we got to see our dear family (and for those of you who didn't make it...I just have nothing to say to you.  JK).

This was the last wedding for my immediate family, and Jeff's family was finished off in 2010.  It's strange to think the next expected weddings are for my nieces and nephews -- what??  Until then, I have some single cousins still...and I hope they hurry up and get hitched because I LOVE WEDDINGS!

And now, what you're really here for, the totally out of order wedding pictures:

Sarah, I think you have an admirer.  
Here we are waiting for the happy couple to make their temple exit.

There they are!  So lovely, right?  The wind picked up right as they got to that spot, which was great because it was a million degrees out, and also it did an AWESOME trick with her veil!

She's gorgeous, he's handsome, they're both sweet and chill and endearing.  Welcome, Katelyn, welcome, to a family with 3 sisters that like to laugh at really dumb, vaguely funny things.  You'll enjoy it, because any joke you crack will receive a boisterous response.  We also love to do our own nails (salons add up fast!), watch movies that include English accents (duh), and eat frozen yogurt.  That doesn't sound too bad to be locked into, right?  RIIIGHT???

Ian and Jude are best buds.  My cousin's wife Katie remarked, "I love to see my kids with cousins because they just blossom!"  It's so true!  Jude was so sad this morning when Elizabeth and her family had gone.  With Ian (and the rest) around, Jude's eyes sparkled, he jabbered more, he learned some new things, and they totally had each other's backs.  When one was crying, the other would go over, full of concern and caring, and unleash a string of indiscernible words of encouragement.  I loved it and so did they.  

Pre-busted!  Jude is about to pilfer something out of this neglected bag belonging to someone from a different wedding party.  I love his expression, full of anticipation and caution and glee.  Also, Erica tells me to hunch all the way down with both feet flat on the floor is something they strive to do in Body Bar class and it's killer.  Jude does it all the time.  Go, Jude!

At the reception...whew.  At the beginning I didn't know how long I (Jude) could make it.  With a non-existent nap under his belt, and in a back yard with a pool, and the ultimate cranky factor, I was kicking myself we didn't get a sitter.  (When it was up in the air I foolishly thought, "Oh but I want him to be there for it!")  Luckily he hit a second (third?) wind and even cut a rug on the dance floor in the hot night air.  In the end, I was so glad he'd come because he was being extra hilarious by about 8pm.  Anyway, the beverage of the evening was Jarritos soda and Jude downed probably 2.5 pineapples and 1 mandarina.  He obviously was not passive about getting every last drip drop.  I feel like just when I'm at my whit's end with this crazy kid, he will always follow through with something hysterically funny, sweet, or adorable.  And he slept till 8:30 this morning.  Yeehaw!

The sitter took this one during the ceremony; love.

And, here we are arriving at the temple where our family started too.

It was a great day for our family, and I'm so happy my brother found his special little lady.  Cameron and/or Katelyn, if you're reading this, just picture me now launching into my own rendition of The Carpenters' famous tune, "We've only just beguuuuuuuunnnnnn to liiiiiiiiiiive.....white lace and promiseeeeeees, a kiss for luck and we're oooooon our waaaaaaaaaay.........................."

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Carrie said...

Jude emptying that bottle is hilarious. Congrats to the newlyweds!