24 January 2013

3 Years

3 years ago (yesterday) we got married!  Before you start judging me for tardy anniversarial blogging, we are really celebrating tomorrow.  I got some pretty roses and sweet things were said, but we (sad) didn't get to see much of each other on our actual anniversary, so we're pretending it's tomorrow.  

One of my favorite things about dating Jeff was that before he dropped the "L-bomb," and while I was waiting (somewhat impatiently) for such a declaration, I remember the first time I realized that even though I hadn't yet heard those 3 lovely words, that I felt loved.  Like, honestly loved.  It was a homey little feeling in my heart, and happy girl am I to say that that hasn't changed.  

Before pregnancy gets me going in a weepy dissertation on marriage, romantic love, the long haul, etc., I will just say that Jeff is my guy, I love him, I want to keep him forever, and since we got married 3 years ago, that's precisely what I'm going to do.  

Happy Anniversary to Us!


Annie said...

3 years and almost 2 littles!! woot woot! keep me posted on the delivery!! good luck xo

JH said...

Happy Anniversary.

meredith c. said...

love how you describe feeling loved. ITS THE BEST. so happy that jeffers will be the one to make you feel that way, forever! yay love!