13 January 2013

This Weekend Plus STUFF

*It should be mentioned that I am listening to 98 Degrees while I write this.  Boy bands -- the depth!

Last week Jeff was checking his email on the couch and said, "Oh! There's a car show this Saturday at 6:30 in the morning that the ward is going to -- Jude would LOVE that.  I should take him!"  I was to be throwing a baby shower for my friend Lisa that morning so I was loving this idea for many reasons and started launching into my whole, "Oh yeah, that's perfect!  Then I can clean and decorate...[blah blah blah]"  I think that's about the time Jeff realized it did indeed start at 6:30 in the unholy hours of the morning, but I'd already voiced such enthusiasm and gratitude, he'd just sealed his fate.  :)

They went and had fun, and I knocked out about 4 times more chores than I would've been able to otherwise.  

The shower was a success, and I'm selfishly so excited for this baby because not only is it a boy, but he'll be just a month younger than my baby, and play dates will continue to be a sinch.

Here are 3 of us ladies in waiting; Lindsey is 2 days overdue, and I greatly admire her forebearance. :)

While the shower was going on, Jeff and Jude had Round II of "Boys' Club" and got out of the house until Jude was apparently falling asleep early (no doubt his brain was exhausted from reeling over the car show at such an early hour) and they came home for naps.  Since the shower was still drizzling out when Jude's nap ended, I brought him down to hang with the ladies and he immediately groggily marched over to sit on Amber's lap with Monkey.  He has this very loyal crush thing on Amber.

See?  He loves her.

Now for some STUFF: I was drying my hands in the gym bathroom last week and started to laugh (better than cry) when I noticed my reflection in the hand dryer nozzle.  I still have 3 weeks left!

Ah, the obsession with cars, trucks, boats, planes...things that GO.  For Christmas Jude (and I) got annual passes to the museum in Irvine called Pretend City.  Jude goes into stimulation hyperdrive every time we pass through the gates.  It's this great little spot where kids can pretend to do loads of jobs like farming, lifeguarding, grocery shopping, put on a play, drive a AAA Tow Truck (or obviously a fire truck as seen above), mail a letter, and on and on and on.  It's awesome now, but I'm thinking this may be a life saver when the baby comes.

More car obsession: Must.  Hold.  Car.  While.  Swinging.

I really liked this from Pres. Hinkley.  I don't think I expect life to ever be perfect, but while I'm an emotional pregnant wreck, it reminded me to just be grateful for "the ride."  Focusing on that makes everything else seem much simpler.  I'm here, getting to do what I've always wanted to do, and life is good.  

This morning.  Daddy attack!

Last weekend we went to see Les Mis with some friends.  Everyone on earth had been praising it to the skies, so I was trying to keep my expectations even-keeled.  Anne Hathaway usually drives me nuts, but people were not totally off-base (in my opinion) for loving her performance.  And her hair looked cute buzzed -- it's the grow-out that is death for the pixie hair cut.  

I love this kitchen.  Since my brain is less than effective lately, taking phone screen shots of things I like or need to remember to deal with is a very helpful way for it to not get lost forever.

This picture makes me laugh.  Jude woke up from his nap and for his afternoon snack lunged at the grapes in the fridge.  He kept picking up the squishy, overripe ones and I'd try to offer him a better one, but he was insistent on eating the ones he'd picked.  He was so dazed and out of it, munching away on his crap grapes.  Sweetie pie.

Dad's home!

3 weeks until he's a big brother!


Ali said...

Alright, let's get serious. Seeing your boy in the double stroller made me think--are you getting a double? if so WHAT ARE YOU GETTING? I am all over the research of doubles, and am obsessed with asking everyone. THANKSSSS

Meredith Hayes said...

To Ali: That's OUR double! Our single stroller broke a little while ago and since we knew we'd need the 2 seats we just got the double bob because it was on sale just then, and for now the extra seat holds my crap or one of my friends' children. :)

We love the bob. It's pretty wide, and heavy, but I can get through all doorways and find a path through pretty much every store :). Earlier in my pregnancy putting it in and out of the car was a pain but that's not a reason against buying it, just inconvenient while pregnant. It's so smooth even if I weren't a runner I'd love it.

What other ones are you thinking of? If I've heard feedback on them I'd be happy to pass it along....

Ali said...

a baby jogger city select and a bumbleride indie twin. Any word on those? I know I just have to decide if I want a tandem or side by side...