21 November 2009

Cerebral Regurgitations for a Pre-Holiday Weekend Weekend

*** I have been cleaning and reorganizing my room and bathroom. Difficulty run-down: Bathroom = cake. Bedroom = brussel sprouts. It seems the answer to my life's problems lies in the procurement of a bookshelf. I have too many books and the absence of a home for them makes them seem superfluous and/or burdensome. And then I feel guilty; they've done nothing to harm me and everything to help. And I shan't part with my Norton Anthologies, not now, not ever. Nor my 9th grade copy of To Kill a Mockingbird, because not only was that a great book read in a great class (what, what, Mrs. Bretts!), but I drew a flip book episode in the margins one day while one of my classmates, whose name I most tragically cannot remember (I used to be so good at names!), was prattling on about who knows what.

*** Yeah, I saw it. I saw it last night.

We got there 45 minutes before the show started and waited at the end of a line that was about 3 blocks long. The line consisted of 73% young, impressionable teeny boppers with 1 or 2 supervisory mothers per batch, mothers nervous that their young things weren't going to get a good seat if they didn't mow down every other potential audience member as soon as the flood gates of entry were opened. Then I'd say 15% were grown women in GNO bundles, 9% couples where both the man and the woman were intrigued and happy to be there, and 3% like me.

If I were to ever admit to being on a team, it would be Team Werewolf. Werewolves are not so moody. And was anyone else incredibly uncomfortable when she started SCREAMING her head off in her sleep? I cringed every time. Getting dumped by a vampire is NOT worth the voice destruction. Trust me -- I'd know! Bahahahahahahahah! I wish I could have seen it with Margaret and Becca; they would have thrown out some good one-liners.

And it WAS pretty funny when at the end some guy instantly yelled out, "TEASE!"

*** I have been grinding my teeth in my sleep. How does one tell itself mid-slumber, "Hey, knock it off! You've gotta keep those things for 60 more years!"

*** Jeff and I are taking off Tuesdee morning for our lovely deseret. I've not been to Utah since June 2008 and am so pumped and dazzled! Wait I take it back. I was in Utah for 5 minutes in July for Annie's wedding. But this time I shall be there long enough to truly soak it in. I always liked Utah. I'm the girl that gets cold when it's 75 degrees out, so come March as a BYU coed I was a bit distressed by the frigidity, but really, I enjoy a multitude of things about the state and my loved ones there. Does California have Maverick Gas Stations and the pleasing Frozen Yogurt, self serve??? Hmmmm??? Can you perchance run into one of the general leaders of the LDS church in a California Albertsons??? HMMMMMM?

*** I am going to go for a run now. I run again. Whenever I live in Irvine and run it takes place largely on the "Orange Grove Path" which really is an inappropriate title at this point. When Jim and Meri Eato moved to Irvine in 1984, about half a mile behind the house sat some Orange Trees. Loads of them. There was a path on the outskirts that was most lovely to stroll on. We thus called it the Orange Grove Path. Then when I was 12 the trees stopped producing marketable fruit in their old age. Chop, chop, chop. Up go the Mini McMansions. I have several friends whose parents still live in them. And they built an even prettier running/walking path with 1 side of dirt path for horse back riders (I've never seen 1 pony there). We still inappropriately and illogically call it the Orange Grove Path. And through my seasons of running, in chubby times and thin, that is the one thing that has remained true, ever true and constant. And I'm going to go say hello to it right...about....NOW!

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Margaret said...

Seriously too bad we couldn't see it together. Becca and I laughed plenty...sometimes it was trying to be funny and sometimes not.

And congrats again. Woohoo!!!