15 November 2009

Yesterday I

- worked
- went to lunch with Jeff's charming aunt, uncle, and cousins at the Pei Wei with the tres impressive soda machine that offers seemingly endless soda and juice options. It's like a liquid dispensing smart phone.
- hauled the spectacularly arranged bridal bouquets and boutteniers to the Newport temple to be pinned and handed to these stunners as they greeted their first bit of fresh air as an eternally linked pair

Then I worked a bit more, sprinted to the grocery store, then Jeffrey and I sprinted to the lovely wedding reception.

Gold dipped fringe benefit of a wedding: seeing friends you might not see otherwise. This reunion with dancing fiends Brad and Lacey Arave led to an after party at the Nicklecade. So what if the words "Meredith Eaton" and "nickel nickel" have never been uttered within an hour of each other! It was really fun! K fine I'll prove it.

Jeff is a pro skater in attorney clothing.

To rap it all up with awesomeness: slept in till 11 am. I am ready to start the week anew.

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laceyjo said...

Awww I love that you blogged about this. It was so wonderful seeing you two!