12 November 2009

Driver Gripes

I am not a perfect driver. Take that statement as far or near as you want to.

But just on the off-chance that some of the people who are really smokin my patience read this blog (of late: you Silver 4-Runner and Black BMW, CA plates), I will now give some tips the DMV driver could be proud of:

1. I do NOT love it when all ye who are making right hand turns in the midst of a nice, long stretch of road just stay in it and slow down to what I would like to call a near-complete stop, and then while completely in the lane, make your turn. Please, get you and your bumper over into the broken bike lane; just because YOU need to pull into the Vons shopping center, it should not mean the rest of us need to lose all our momentum.

Ooh I feel better already. Continuing on....

2. All ye who are turning and ahead of you a yielding car awaits your passing: If you're going to turn away before you get to me, USE that blinker -- you paid for its faculties! Then the yielder (ME) won't sit and wait for naught. What if the last drizzles of my diet coke buzz were quickly evaporating and I needed to get to the nearest soda fountain, STAT??

3. This last one applies to those who frequent the Main/Jamboree 405 Freeway entrance: READ the sign. 2 cars are allowed to peel out from each of the 3 lanes PER green light. 2. 2. I know -- CA does have its moments of generosity! Imagine! But really, there's a reason that entrance is so backed up. READ the sign. Please.
Can you tell it's Friday tomorrow?


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