07 November 2009

Real Men Eat Rocky Road

By my office there's a little eating place called "HAN'S ICE CREAM AND DELI". The sign is ailing a bit and the first time I saw it I thought it read "MAN'S ICE CREAM AND DELI". (Maybe it's not just the sign that's ailing; I need to get me some glasses soon, too.) Anyway, I thought about how cool that would be if it really were a sort of guy hang out spot, focusing shamelessly on that calcium which bulges with sugar. What would it be like? Ice cream of every extract would be lopped into giant stainless steel mugs, spoons would have dips of the appropriate generosity. Flat screens would need to line every inch of every wall, with all those shows the men folk worship like ESPN, CNN, whatever video game is in vogue, and maybe the one in the bottom corner would show the series finale of Friends on loop for the particularly downtrodden son of man. There's a big hole in the middle of the Bean Bag and/or Recliner littered floor where emptied ice cream mugs can be chucked and never seen again; there are never dishes to be done in a man's sanctuary of cream. Because of congratulatory moments or tragedy, or just the wind-down of an exhausting day, there could often be heard between friends, "Hey, meet ya for some mint chocolate chip at 6."

That's about as far as my imagination of what they'd want will take me.

Since it doesn't exist yet, all I can tell you is if you want a sandwich and a cone and tire of Subway, Quizno's, Dreyer's, etc., check out Han's on Bristol and Calleen's Commons.

**I tried to find a google image shot to put in this post, but everything I put into the search field procured results that were just too weird. "Man eating ice cream" or "Tired man" or "Stainless Steel Mug" etc....nothing fit. Anyway, I give myself credit for the attempt.

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Sarah E. Reynolds said...

real men eat rocky road, and real women eat cool whip straight out of the container.