18 November 2009

Meredith got glasses.

Meredith has never had them before.

Meredith was told last week by her optometrist that she has astigmatism.

Astigmatism is when the invisible whatever over the color of your eye is oval, when it should be circular.

This is why things appear blurry much of the time in Meredith's world. Because of Astigmatism.

If Meredith were still in Costa Rica they would say it is an Estigmatism.

Meredith has a headache from wearing her new glasses today.

Meredith's optometrist warned her of this.

Meredith looks at her reflection and thinks, "Huh?? Who IS that??"

Meredith's supposes she will get used to it.


Margaret said...

oooo, margaret likes them.

Jim Eaton said...

Jim has worn glasses since he was 5 years old - that was 54 years ago. I love prescription sunglasses. I hide behind them and pretend I am mysterious. The right glasses can add 15 points to your perceived IQ. The wrong glasses make you look like a dork. In your case, I think you added 15 IQ points and increased your mysterious cutitude quotient by 20 points.