13 November 2009

meh and wow!

things have been busy. you could say it's nearly the best of times and the worst of times, because while i am happy, cozy, and interested in what's going on in and around me, i'm just tired, and if you know me well you know i wear tired about as well as i wear magenta pleather.

not withstanding the aforementioned and ongoing exhaustion, i would now like to throw out just a few images that are pretty lovely.

this chub-a-lub turned 1 a few days ago. 1!!! remember when she was new and fresh and pink? this lamb hasn't lost a hair from atop her head, says some little words, and plays fetch with the doggie. she's also starting to walk, which means those rolls below will sadly diminish.

honestly! where does this girl come from?? i just want to nibble on her all day long.

i have some very fantastic memories of annie warner's wedding in late july. she finally posted some pictures and i nabbed this one, because it softens my cold and hard heart. i love weddings.

i clicked on my friend katie's blog tonight and saw she'd changed her banner to something like this. i almost fell off my chair laughing. anybody wanna get me this for christmas?? i'll take this over a snuggie. www.urbanoutfitters.com


Shauna said...

i will get you that diet coke ornament. sure.

Katie Waldron said...

I'm glad you rejoiced in my holiday dc banner. All I want for Christmas is the Pei Wei soda machine for my room. It is truly the holy grail. Is that too much to ask?