13 March 2010


Thursday I left my phone at home inadvertently.

When Homeboy and I got home late after LONG days, I went to observe my popularity.

I had 2 text messages.

1 was from Homeboy. The 2nd was from none other than....

or some of his obsessive fans, anyway.*

My friend at contact number 622-62 said,

"President Obama needs all of us to make our voices heard in Washington, D.C. Call Congress now to show your support for health reform: [Insert Phone Number]"

I texted back,

"You can kiss it. Obama's health reform would turn the doctor's office into the DMV."

Then I received the following back from my friends at 622-62:

"Thanks for contacting Organizing for America. More info available at http://BarackObama.com. Text NEWS to 62262 to receive updates, HELP for help & STOP to end."

They're such great listeners. And as I was falling asleep that night I chuckled, for it suddenly reminded me of a kinswoman's reaction in times of grumpiness.

* A Note: I am not what you could call a political junkie. This is not a political blog. I am not even about parties so much as common sense. I am unabashedly conservative, though. So if Obama does appear from time to time on this blog, just be warned, unless he stops being a socialist, he most likely will not be warmly blogged.

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