17 March 2010


It seems the past few months (minus 2 weeks of honeymoon) have been filled with a certain theme: Not Enough Time.

I LOOoooooong for time, even on weekends, to do so many other things, of which blogging is one, but it seems by the time we get home from work, make dinner, MAYbe go to the gym (the health habits we spent a year establishing have but a whisper of an existence in our current routine***), read, MAYbe watch some tv, and sometimes work a bit more from home, it's time to go to bed. And I am very protective of my sleep. A weakened body leads to heightened emotions of ALL kinds if you happen to be a Merzy.

My sister Sarah and I were discussing lately how we once imagined there will be a time of life in the future that we can devote largely to recreation. New hobbies, old hobbies, developing talents, etc. Then we looked down the road and realized we were being village idiots. Life won't slow down. Puh! I want to know how some of you people possibly manage your time to be able to fit in as much as you do. Perhaps the maniacal, speedy nature of some responsibilities will slow down a bit here and there, but I don't get a Summer 1996 ever again; a summer wherein I was old enough to enjoy some liberties and self-earned funds, but too young to have a job from which the U.S. government would also benefit.

So now I am trying to find a bit of a balance or a "worth it 20 years from now" or a "I must finish this tonight, but I will be free to work on that tomorrow," lest I never spread mine wings of creativity again. Also I recently watched Julie and Julia again and if SHE can write a book, I can write a book. I love Meryl Streep in that movie, DEEPLY LOATHE Amy Adams' character.


Kate Winslet's divorce. I am devastated. This is a very stupid thing I do. Actors and actresses that pranced about in timeless movies that remind me of a wonderful time of life, or movies that my sisters, mum, and I are forever bonded to, I feel like they too are in my life in some silent way. Kate Winslet had to go and worm her way into my heart with Sense and Sensibility, Finding Neverland, and The Holiday. So then when something like a divorce happens I gasp out loud and say, "Oh no!" and those within earshot ask me what on earth is the matter. So dumb. But that's what happens. Just for the record, my taller-than-a-street-light brother in law was bitterly disappointed when Michael Jordan split from his wife, too.

We've kept a steady flow of black licorice, string cheese, and broccoli in the house.

I finally hung something on one of our walls last Friday night. One of my favorites. I picked up this beloved print at the Chicago Museum of Art in 2006 and it has finally found a home in the form of a frame.

*** Proof:

Here we are eating Raclette. European comfort food. Jeff ate this on his mission. Raclette cheese roasted in these adorable little shovels on our very own Raclette maker then smothered over little tiny potatoes. DELICious but OH SO VERY much the glutton's favorite! We now are trying to keep it at bay or at least to a reasonable infrequency. This wonder could kill a person if treated with excessive attention.

That's all she wrote!


Margaret said...

I literally gasped when I saw Kate Winslet was separated. I was so glad I was alone cuz I would've felt really dumb telling someone I was heartbroken over it. Heartbroken.

Sarah E. Reynolds said...

Margaret, I wouldn't have judged you. I would have given you a tissue.

Hey, that rhymed.

What are you talking about, Merzy? Don't you know that life down the road (having children)= myriads of free time? You'll be painting/sculpting/sky diving within the first 2 months of child birth, there's so much free time. Our lives will be LOUSY with free time.

Must I say that I'm kidding?

The Four Redheads said...

Okay, I'm going to comment. I like reading your blog and this time I'm going to say something! About time--this is what I have learned. I will never have time to do the things I WANT to do if I don't do the things I HAVE to do. So, if I want some time to myself in the evening when the kids are in bed, I have to work hard during the day so I have that time to relax and do something to develop my talents, my brain, my marriage, or even just veg. I think it's easy to say there's never enough time, but when you look at how you are using your time, you can always find "nonessentials" that can be eliminated. But I've never worked full-time (unless you call being a mom a full-time job) so I don't know how it feels to come home from a job and be exhausted, other than seeing my husband do it every day after teaching 165 bratty teenagers. But I imagine that when both my kids are in school all day, I will have a LOT more time to do what I've been wanting to--let's just hope I use my time wisely! And I'm also sad about Kate Winslet. Didn't know about MJ. Love the painting--I've always liked that picture--it reminds me of something from an English textbook. Anyway, I've written a book! Time to do something else, right?

Cam said...

Hi. You don't know me, but I ran across your blog one day (can't remember how) and I think your hilarious, so I've been reading you ever since.

But, I just had to make my presence known and second your statement that Amy Adams' character in Julie and Julia is seriously annoying and I hate her guts. Oh, and I'd also like to second that you could write a book as well--I would totally buy it. =)