28 March 2010

Spring's Bounty

A few things:

Yesterday morning I awoke to 2 bits of news that put me into a swirl. (!)

1) Cameron my brother was doing his weekly emailing and I hadn't written him!

2) My mother had left a voicemail saying there was a neighborhood garage sale, it was a GOOD one, and it was already 2 hours underway!

We readied ourselves with relative haste and made it down to Irvine in time to snag this beauty:

Over 150 years old, purchased in rural New York about 10 years ago. And I carted it away in my little tin can car for $25!

And this was an even better bargain! I shall stain it directly. It was a gift from some members of our ward who were cleaning out their garage. They even delivered it for us. We gave a Celtic Gaelic cheer, post-battle enthusiasm levels matched entirely.

I texted pictures of these 2 pieces to my sisters and parents and my dad texted back, "Wow, you are your mother's daughter."

We ventured forth on a walk this afternoon, and the rest of Orange County was having a party. The 4 common themes: tattoos, ciggies, bikini tops and denim bikini bottoms. The other common themes which were almost as hard core were salty breezes, warming UVs, and street musicians. We are happy to be by the water. And all the tattoo parlors.

My bangs are officially longer than they've been in many, many years. I guess the only thing that I can attribute to this stretch of permitted growth is I've been so insanely busy during the awkward phases of bangsville that there hasn't been time to cut them off again in a moment of weak frustration. I still haven't decided my next move with my hair, but since I never make it to the saloon anyway, it'll probably continue growing long in its dark brown way.

Gotta go pop some ibuprofen. House is devoid of Diet Coke.


Melly Mel said...

IB prof. is almost as delicious as diet coke.
you are too cute. i can cut your bangs baby.
i love how you have decorated.

lunch soon?

JKA said...

NICE finds!! LOVE the things on the chest of drawers too! Can't wait to see you soon my Merzy-loo!!