06 March 2010

Matters That Lead

** Intermission from Wedding Picture blogging and a precursor to the snarky, snobby blog post I've had on my mind for an important nothing:

Today we drove down the 405 and said, "Today is the first Saturday in a month we have been headed toward Irvine, NOT going to work!"

We went to Leading Matters, a Stanford Alumni fest. You know the kind I mean. ALL. DAY. We saw some familiar faces, ate some tasties, and heard some speeches, shook some hands and smiled and chortled endlessly. While Jeff has been to a dozen of these it was my first one and I have to say, I honestly enjoyed myself! The fact that the food was amazing and kept right on coming had nothing to do with it. Cross my cold, cold heart.

Look reeeally hard to note the Stanford logo on the cupcakes of intellectualism!

I'm keeping the name tags I'm holding in the above placed photo so I can one day say to Jeff through my dentures, depends, and hair dye (oh wait, I already have to dye my hair because I have noticeable grays. Thanks mom), "Remimber whayn you 'n I wint to Leading Matters as newlwayds and you were so charming???" For some reason I imagine I'll have a southern accent when I'm a senior. Don't you??


Sarah E. Reynolds said...

I want a Stanford cupcake too!! Didn't you say you wanted to send me one? Via FedEx?

Stacey said...

Meredith! You, my dear, crack me up!