21 March 2010

The Long Story of How I Met my Husband (in a hurry)

Let's go back to 1992. Sister Elizabeth enters Junior High and makes best friends with Annie.

I am a premium tagalong. In fact, I'm so good at tagging along I insist on doing it for the next 6+ years, and they let me.

Elizabeth and Annie grow up and get married.

Annie to him,

and Elizabeth to him.

Annie's husband has 7 brothers. Count them, 7. Odds work for us from here on out.

One of these brothers is

and one of them is

And Sarah and Harry's togetherness brought me back into kahoots with this beautiful damsel after not seeing her for what I would practically call eons.


That beautiful damsel you see just above these very letters and words I'm typing right now is the very sister of my very husband. And I've mentioned before that Erica set me up with my darling, charming, funny, smart husband. TADAAAAAAAA!!!!

Utter, merry convenience is the cherry on top to my happily ever after. A friendship that began with Elizabeth and Annie extended to me and ended with a great many bits of eternal alterations of the romantic sort. I forever praise Erica, Annie, and Elizabeth for my match.

Plus, bonus: Annie, Sarah, and I share 4 nieces and nephews.



The End


[AnnieR] said...

um, best post ever.

Chrissy said...

Ha, it really is the best post ever!

M + D said...

wow! I didn't know there were two reynold's bro's involved!! Funny that we all hung out with Mac too!! Who would have thought. I'm so happy for you two Merzy! xoxoxox

ericareynolds said...

AMEN! :)

laceyjo said...

I'm still confused haha!

Elizabeth Jex said...

Annie and I are such a force to be reckoned with...so many happy couples exist today because of us!

Audra Bollard said...

I know exactly how you feel . . . cheers to the two best match makers ever!