07 March 2010

The Wedding Post Part V: Receiving

Break me off a piece of that! Actually, for me, none thank you. For a handful of years of I thought I was quite the cheese daredevil, but then I discovered I only like mozzarella and Gouda. Maybe cheddar if it involves chips. Hmm. And Brie if it's been baked in a greasy pastry. Need I go on?

That there is the cheese my husband loves, and I love that he loves it, so funky french cheeses we did have.

Now this is more up the proverbial Merzy alley. Too bad I was too busy to only eat 7.

Carbs and candles

My almost-French husband and I both agree on the merits of tarts. Jeff's mum supplied some at the UT reception with Boston Creme in the middle -- shoot me now!

How could you not burst into a chorus of "BABIES ARE DELICIOUS!" after casting sight upon this scene! Check out Niece being dipped by Margaret! Cut that rug!

We were so busy talking to people, I didn't realize until about 40 minutes before the reception was (supposed to be) over that we hadn't done any of the traditional ceremoniousities: the cake, the bouquet, the father-daughter dance, etc. So Harrison the BIL extraordinaire hopped on the microphone and cued us up. Toddle, toddle over to the cake. We hadn't discussed our plan or our rules for the cake bite delivery....

and Jeffrey M. Hayes assumed me cautious...

So even though we both ended up with frosting all over our traps, I won by way of ELEMENT OF SURPRISE!!! Boo ya!

Slow dancin, swayin to the music. Our song was Sentimental Reasons by Nat King Cole, THE MAN HIMSELF. I picked it when I was 20, forgot about it, then remembered it, and there you go.

If my dad sits out the bagpipes at Cameron Eaton's wedding, I shall swallow my own bonnet for disbelief. But, the final daughter wedding must have kicked the Scottsman in him into high gear, because for the first time at any family wedding, half-way through the song, he began JIGGING around the RECEPTION hall for ALL TO BEHOLD AND FOR WHICH TO BE DAZZLED! And then he let out a Celtic Gaelic cheer of the heartiest kind at the end, echoed by the crowd! People still mention it! I was surprised, but I loved it. I think that and the fact that my mom made my dress make my wedding even more special to moi.

A most darling niece. She was so excited to wear her flower girl dress, and then 10 minutes into the party she was dancing with the sugar plums, try as she might to remain coherent. Luckily there was a UT reception 2 weeks later.

Brendon Barton, friend through legal internships, the vicious CA Bar exam, and more. He's getting married in May, and we couldn't be more tickled.

The END! I think. For now. I loved my wedding, can you tell? Marriage is dreamy because I got the right one. I believed in Jeff and Meredith long ago, but somehow I believe in it more and more as they minutes tick by. My own personal love of my life.


KatieB said...

What a beautiful wedding! I wish I could have been there!

Margaret said...

She was easy to dip. She liked it, she needed it. She was like a chip arching back for that bowl of guac. And seeing as how she is adorable, I was happy to oblige.

So glad I could be there Merzy. It was all lovely and so happy and scrumptious.

barefootbex said...

So bummed I missed this! You two looked amazing! As did the wedding itself!