25 April 2010


All Thursday I had a funny feeling. Then Elizabeth called and said my dad was in the hospital. Long story short he was exhibiting symptoms of a stroke, which is what took my paternal grandfather at 62. A day and a half later it was resolved, no stroke, it was a bad, bad reaction to a new cholesterol mediation that my dad had been leery of taking in the first place. He is largely back to his old dad self. The good thing that we take with us from this whole ambulance episode is the touching overload of support and love that was shown to our family, most especially my parents. John Evans and Scott Muir dropped everything and zipped down to the hospital to give a priesthood blessing which gave comfort and peace. Later Doug Orme came to visit. My dad doesn't remember any of this but is extremely touched at how selflessly they came to offer their sincere services. And it flowed on from there. If any of these people for one minute question the value of their efforts, let me just squash that right now and say IT MEANS THE WORLD TO US EATONS AND WE LOVE YOU!

We are so grateful we still have Dad safe and sound. Life is precious.

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MeiLani and Michael said...

ack! scary! glad everything is better now. Thank goodness

Margaret said...

Say what? Uncle Jim? I had no idea. So glad he is doing okay. HOpe it was just that medicine so that it is all resolved now.
Sending love and prayers to uncle.