28 April 2010

I just get so excited!

Tonight class was cancelled, last night we had a midterm so it only lasted about 30 minutes -- this week feels like a mental pedicure AND manicure!

So now I can do IMPORTANT things like...like...PICK A NEW TEMPLATE FOR MY BLOG! I'm almost giddy over this extra time.

And say one more thing: if it were "socially acceptable" to "wear" the "same striped t-shirt" on a "daily basis" i so totally and completely "would". Stripes have never not been great.


kt said...

mmmm I love wearing my favorite shirt over and over again =)

Sarah E. Reynolds said...

We should swap striped shirts sometime so that we will only feel half as unhygenic as we should.

KatieB said...

just because you're married now doesn't mean you get to stop blogging.