14 April 2010

Thumbs up and a HIGH FIVE!

These are things in which I completely believe:

1. McDonalds Fruit & Walnut Salads.

2. Netflix. After blockbuster said, "Hey, we've got a great idea. We're going to charge you MORE money, and you don't get to keep the movie as long, and the late fees are back with vengeance! Cool!" we said, "See you never!" We get 2 at a time, usually 1 that I've chosen and 1 that Jeff's chosen (except I looked on our queue today and woops! I "forgot" to switch some things around and they're sending Felicity Season 1 Disc 3 and Did You Hear About the Morgans, which would both fall under MERZY's picks. No I really did forget though. Sorry, honey!). Netflix = low maintenance = Happy Hayesies

3. Fresh, Inc. chapstick in Sugar Rose. It's smears with its sunscreen and moisturizers just a HINT of color, which is all I've ever wanted and more from a chapstick.4. The song Hands of Time by Ron Sexsmith. I'm putting a youtube of it here because I think you might like it too. I can listen to it on repeat for hours. I don't know if I could ever have a favorite song, but on my LIST of truly beloved songs, this most certainly has a place.

5. Jeff Hayes. I know I'm a newlywed and so some of you might think, "Well duh! Of course there's gushing!" Maybe that's true, but he is one to gush about for the next millions of years. Jeff Hayes constantly finds new ways to pleasantly surprise and charm me, and keep me on my toes. Every day at work I think, "Only _ more hours until I get to go home and hang out with Jeff!" He is so good, and so good for and to me. I feel so lucky to be with someone I admire and whose company I enjoy so much. Whatever happens in life, or whatever I'm doing, as long as he's there to do and happen with me, that's what home and a happy place mean to me. I'm so grateful I married him here, because anything of a temporary link to him would not be good enough.

6. And that above there is another thing I completely believe in.

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Margaret said...

Oh Merz, I love ya. That is something I truly believe in. That and the importance of fuzzy cousins.