11 April 2010

Heaven or Hana? You decide.

Most days I wish I were just back in Maui.

I didn't think I'd do a honeymoon post, because who wants a honeymoon post? But after developing the pictures (almost 3 months later!) I thought I'd share.

We had 7 days on the Hana Estate, which is infinitely better photographed here, and is infinitely more amazing than that in 3-D. We felt like The King and Queen of Sheba at Robert and Erica's Hawaii Home. Especially since I had a jacuzi on a balcony with a view for all that time, no other will ever suffice. I am hot tub ruined. But I'd do it again in a heartbeat.

We spent 3 days in Wailea, on the other side o' the island, which was busier and bustlier, but also something I could never argue with.

As I look back at these pictures I ask myself, "Did that really happen? Did we really go on a trip so perfect?"

Here are the visuals.

Venus Pools. Turquoise water.
At the Red Sand Beach -- be careful, there are nudies there, 3 of them like neked Santa Claus men who thought they were David Hasselhoff.

We hiked to the Red Sand beach, and on the way, we met a little seal on the shore who didn't like us very much. He'd bark and growl at me the closer I got, but I knew I was a lot faster on land than he, (she?) so I didn't worry about getting a LITTLE closer for a photo.

There was a day too rainy to do too much outside, so we drove the Hana Highway with all the notable stops. The uninterrupted journey will take about an hour, but we took the whole day to cruise it, stopping for all the delights. The delights were spontaneous bits of nature, like:


At the Haleakala Crater, we saw our wedding sister friends! They were wearing t-shirts that said they got married the same day we did. Lovely. Now whenever we clink crystal glasses of Martinellis on future January 23s, we can assume (hope?) that 2 more people somewhere in China are also celebrating.


This image reminded me of "THE CLIFFS OF INSANITY!!!"
Sorry you read this post now? Or were you already remorseful?

Too bad the fellow hiker who took this picture had jiggly hands -- that was the coolest tree I've ever seen!

SNORKEL! We loooooved this. I felt like I was watching Finding Nemo up close and personal except we weren't breaking up any happy fishy homes.

And this is what I'd look like if I went the way of Anne Boleyn.

And this is what I'd look like if I ate 5,000 cadbury eggs over a 3 week period. Maybe 2 weeks.

Religion + honeymooning

I never knew the sand at the black sand beaches was actually black!

Anyway, we obviously loved it. We were extremely fortunate, and I'm a pretty lucky girl.

Thank you, and goodnight.


MeiLani and Michael said...

How do I say this nicely? You kept saying things in this post like, "you are probably bored to be reading this" when in reality it was one of your most NORMAL blog posts- a post that actually told us ABOUT YOUR LIFE!!!! I loved it! Just wait til you have kids and have all sorts of "normal" (or in your words "boring") stories to share which are actually the best stories EVER!

Erin & Mike Featherstone said...

Gorgeous! What a fun trip. You are Jeff are adorable and I love the blow fish pic. Tell me you did not actually take that. It was straight out of National Geographic!

Aubrey said...

Aloooooha! Thanks for sharing the honeymoon pics. Loved them! Made me wish I was basking on the black sand beaches of Maui right this minute!!!

JKA said...

LOVE those honey mooner pics... and, I must say I LOVED seeing you two a couple days ago.

Andrew+Aly said...

I love the pics from the honeymoon! You guys look so cute and so happy! Also I absolutely love the pic at the top of your blog. Every time I open the blog I smile- I smile for 2 reasons- 1. because it's a cute shot and 2.Because to me Merzy's face says it all. Merzy's face says, "Oh boy am I excited for tonight, and don't get in my way to stop me!" :) he he