10 April 2010

What We Be Up To

Besides the 9-5 (or 10), here is a smattering of up-tos:
  • I'm in class 2 nights a week for my paralegal certificate. Go anteaters.
  • We don't have cable, but we DO have a $20 antennae. We have given up on all channels coming in clearly but for NBC. They have never adored us as they do now, and the feeling is mutual! We'd already been big fans of the Dateline fests on Friday and Sunday, but now we're also hooked on The Marriage Ref. Of course I actually got to blogging its praises 2 days after a not-as-funny episode. We'll give it another shot next Thursday.
  • We've been very lucky to migrate into The Family Ward along with 4 other couples we knew and loved in the Pierside Singles Ward. We have us a rip snorting time!
  • We've become addicted to "Words with Friends". It's a free version of Scrabble a la iPhone. I invited my sister-in-law Erica but she hasn't taken me up on it (hint!), but I do love playing with Annie and Jeff. I really can't figure out WHY I'm so obsessed with playing it constantly, because I REGULARLY get my bootie pulverized by their landslide scores. People, WORD GAMES ARE MY THING! Or I thought they were! I'm starting to get really competitive with Jeff. This game could destroy our marriage. Eh, let's just keep playing anyway.
  • A member of my former Stake Presidency in Las Vegas has been chosen to represent the state of NV in fighting the Obama-rama health care bill. Awesome.

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