13 July 2010

28 and other things

Hey, I turned 28! Jeff keeps saying "You're 29 now, enjoy it!" and similar things but I'm 99.9% positive he does know I'm 28 and it's him being full of jokes. In any case, he made me breakfast and supplied the BEST birthday cheesecake I've ever eaten in my entire life, and maybe he followed a birthday "suggestion" to the utmost exactness, so that tells me he loves me, he loves me even when I'm getting older, he loves me in J. Crew, and he apparently wants me to be chubbier.

Bridegroom and I are perhaps cooking up an impromptu vacay before or after the nuptials of my dear sister-in-law and soon-to-be dear brother-in-law.

Really, you should see the things sparking up into bloom in our yard. Jeff went out and bought a mini-farm, ripped out the ugliest shrubs and overgrown bushes that were already there, plugged the new fruits and veggies in with his hard laboring manliness, and even though planting in Julio is not the best timing, things are happening and it's just so cool.

That's all I have to say for now. Didn't say this post was going to rock your world!


Sarah E. Reynolds said...

But it did rock my world! It so did!

[AnnieR] said...

Rats! Sarah stole my comment.

chayes said...

Jeff always wanted us to turn our backyard into an English garden. So you better keep an eye on the gardener or you will have a hedge in your backyard neatly trimmed into a maze!