23 July 2010

Half an Annum

6 months ago today we hopped aboard the matrimonial wagon. I wouldn't get off for the wooorld.

Maybe I'm a romantic, maybe it's because I was single until 27 (which makes me neither the youngest or the oldest, but anyway), or maybe it's because I (over)hear plenty of whining about spouses, but the thrill of marriage for me has not waned a decibel; I would say it's cranking up in volume. Sure it's not perfect, but who wants perfect? If I said it was you'd all know I was a lying and/or oblivious TAMN anyway.

But from where I sit, suddenly I'm in this ongoing gig where I come home, and the person I most want to see is there too. We always have new jokes, we make plans, we buy each other's favorite edibles at the grocery store, we calm each others' frustrations and sooth each other's concerns. We carpool to work and I pat his bum as he gets out of the car (I usually drive because my car is a piece of crap and we don't care about piling on the miles). I get to be a part of his wonderful family -- I really love them. We bounce ideas off each other, we know our tones of voice, we groan in the morning about the fact that it's morning and sometimes, especially on Fridays, take a few extra minutes on the snooze bar to snuggle. It seems to me this far, far, far outweighs any sacrifice or growing pains. I KNOW I'M A NEWLYWED, but I'd like to expect that we can keep this attitude for the next millions of years.

I think one of my favorite memories thus far happened on a Thursday. Jeff had a lawyer convention thingie at night and I had a lot of work so we decided we'd still carpool and I'd get some catch-up done until the convention's end. Around 6 I decided if I were going to stay awake I'd better get me some victuals. As I mentioned before, I work just across the bridge from South Coast Plaza. I set off on foot just as the sun was setting behind the epicenter of consumerism. I was pulling my sweater tightly around and reliving some Jeffman moment, looking at the ground. I looked up and -- HEY! -- that looks like Jeff! That is Jeff, I think? A mirage? No, I'd forgotten that his lawyer convention thingie was at the Westin Hotel on my side of the bridge, and he was really a-walkin toward me in the flesh, making funny faces. I let out an honest, "Ha! What??" and jogged over, which was good, because the girl a few steps ahead of me had thought the funny faces were directed at her. Above the Bristol traffic, we snuck a hug and a kiss before he went off to his duties and I to mine. A lovely second wind.

January 23. What a day.


Aubrey said...

you both make me so very happy. :)

ericareynolds said...

I love it! So, so sweet.