22 July 2010


For the past year my mom and I will meet up for lunch a few times a week at South Coast Plaza. I work across the bridge from the mall so it's very awesome for me.

We have a routine. We immediately get a See's chocolate or two, wander over to Williams Sonoma, take a sample of whatever horseradish panini they are debuting that day, and browse (never buy), wander over to J. Crew and browse (never buy), and if we still have time we waaander over to whatever other store looks appetizing to browse (never buy). And we talk of the mysteries of the kingdom and about whatever cute thing we just heard Elizabeth's kids did, she tells me about some idea of a way to decorate the house, etc. I love it; someday I shall surely weep over the wonderful qualities of such a tradition.

The other day we waandered by a magazine rack. Glancing at US Weekly, I asked, "What do you think of Bristol Palin and her baby daddy Levi getting back together?"

My mother surprised me with a casual, "Oh, I think it's good they're making honest people out of each other."

"What?? He's horrible!"
"Well, it'll probably be the best for the child and who knows, maybe they're really in love!"
"Mom, what if you were famous, and--"
"--IF I were famous??"
"some idiot ex-boyfriend of mine went on national television about 40 times and told all sorts of horrible lies about our family? Wouldn't you be hurt if I later went back and got married to him? How much more mature could he be a year later??"
"Wai-wai-wait a minute. IF I were famous??"

As I said. I love this tradition. She's a good one.

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Elizabeth Jex said...

You do know she's one of the the brains behind every good thing on the planet.