04 July 2010

OMG I literally laid eyes on Edward AND Jacob on Friday night. Sq-uh-WEEEEEEEEELLLLLL!

We went with a group of new pals and it was actually really fun. For someone who hates the books***, and felt really uncomfortable when Bella would launch those convulsive screaming fits in the 2nd movie, the 3rd was an improvement, and it's just fun to be there because there's no lack of enthusiasm, and the boys just don't really know what to do with themselves. Jeff, however, decided to start clapping when the werewolf laid a smacker on Bella and was really proud of the reaction he got.

I have an announcement to make. We have cable now. (!!!) Our internet is paid through the HOA fees, but we still have to call Cox and have it set up. Before Jeff even called to do such a thing, we had reaffirmed that we were not going to sign up for cable, DVR, etc., because we're not home a ton, we have Netflix, and it'll be nice to save the money. I heard bits and pieces of the phone conversation from the next room, was just goin about my business, and then I heard, "how much?? Really??" but with a tone to his voice that said "Suckered in". I went into the room and gave him a wide eyed look and he looked alarmed. A few minutes after that, I heard the phone flop down on the couch and he said something to the effect of "I FAILED!" which translated into "WE HAVE THE WORKS!" Apparently there's a screaming package deal for 3 months and then of COURSE after that it hikes way up, so we're telling ourselves we'll cancel it after 90 days. I pray for the fortitude to carry through. Do you know how much FUN it is, though, to turn on our lovely HD tv, so generously bestowed by my in-laws, and have a wealth of entertainments at my fingertips? Oh, it's amazing. I'm sure you DO know, don't you. And now we have Dateline back.

Moment for a No One Will Probably Care as Much as I Do:

I went to a BEEBEE SHOWER a couple of weeks ago for one of my oldest friends Katie Weaver. I mean Katie Waldron -- do you find it hard to call girls you grew up with by their married names? Anyway it was great and I've been craving the mini cinnamon rolls which were served ever since. I looked at pictures of it on her blog last night and guess what. I HAVE LONG HAIR! There was a picture of a girl from behind, she was wearing a striped shirt, her hair was air drying against her back, it was long, WAIT, THAT'S ME!!! I didn't realize it had become so long. Scraggled to the max, but long. I was so tickled with this outside-looking-in realization, and part of that realization is that maybe I should take some scissors to it to unload some of the chewed up qualities to the ends.

And with that, I shall close my blog post with a couple of other "incidentals" as my mother might say:

- My husband is so funny. He absolutely has always been bothered the girls out in the world who will chop a cookie (or high caloric food item) in half...or 3/4....or 15/16, and leave the rest on the plate. Woops, he married one of them. We had pizza the other night and before I could even get to my usual tricks he was having himself a great time:

He always cracks me up. I have my most fun with Jeff, and I don't take it for granted for a minute, this fact that we get to be in our own little bundle for the rest of it all.

*** I'll do this Twilight rant later, I am out of time.


Elizabeth Jex said...

Or do you mean he was HALFING himself a great time???? Bwah ha ha...but seriously folks.

JKA said...

twilight... when are you going to write a book merzy!??

Lindsey Graves said...

Found your blog! Loved this post, made me laugh more than once. So good to see you the other day! And yes, you do have long hair, I saw it, and I can verify.

Chrissy said...

Haha, there were many uncomfortable moments in all the movies/books! The 3rd one was the best book/movie, but that doesn't say much ;) I'm really not excited about the last one since the book was the worst I've ever read in my life! Tear :( I want to like it...I do...does that even make sense??