30 July 2010

Deep thoughts go a-swirlin on a Friday evening.

I am in a scintillating zen right now because on Tuesday we take off straight from work, heading east to see family, hike in Zion, and most of all, witness an engaged pair morph into a married one. Tuesday is not yet, but close enough to conjure a zen.

Jeff is in the other room watching Rick Steve tour Italy. I am hearing lots of, "Oh! I loved that place!!" and "Ah, will we ever go back?!" and then French words. I'm sure they would be Italian words, but French is the other language he speaks.

Is there anything better than a stripe? Not the stripe that leaves a welt. The kind on clothing. I saw a dress at a store a while ago, waited, waited, two days ago it became mine for $15.00. It's also stretchy which enables me to show it off while wearing it. Behold:

I got a calling in my ward. I'm the chorister. This is fine with me because it's good exercise for my apparently stationery arms (after the first hymn my first week that arm was exhausted!), and it's fun to see the congregation all at once. I do however think the job is a bit superfluous because really, the voices follow the organ, and rightly so.

I'm also actually going to do something with our wedding photos tonight while we watch a movie.

I lied. This was not a deep post at all. We're going on a walk now. BYE!

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