14 May 2011

3 Months: A Different Babe

Something weird happened on Monday when Jude hit 12 weeks. I swear, he turned into a different wee babe. He seems to want to take naps, in his CRIB of all places, will independently sit watching Baby Einstein or the dangling toys for longer than 5 minutes, will chill in his car seat if it's right after he's eaten, or if it's in the stroller (which I thought we'd wasted our money on since he'd only brook the Bjorn), and is basically much more predictable. SCORE.

Jude is our Numba One because he:

* gives us huge smiles,
* coos non-stop like he's really determined to contribute to the conversation,
* arranges his hands in the sweetest little configurations when he's sleeping,
* is always trying to sit up when we put him on his back (he crunches his tummy muscles like he's doing a pansy sit-up and lifts his legs which is hilarious),
* the top of his head smells so delicious,
* loves crew necks and stripes as much as his mom and wears them practically all the time,
* has chub,
* has grown out of size 1 diapers so now we can get them at Costco and save some bucks,
* loves his bath,
* has this hilarious "the jury's still out" look he gets on his face, like he's reeeeeeeally considering his opinion on whatever topics babies have opinions (see below),

* and we're obviously so unabashedly obsessed with him. This is the quintessential baby blog now, no going back.

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