14 May 2011


We had lots of fresh and friendly family so generously visit for Jude's blessing. It was such a thrill to have everyone together. Allow me to pinch pictures from others' bits of internet:

We met Uncle Cameron and Aunt Sarah at South Coast Plaza (Uncle Harry was writing some legal gobbledee gook paper at home), and love instantly abounded.

Almost nothing bad can happen at 3333 Bristol Ave.

P.S. I'd gone to Costco before South Coast and realized I'd forgotten my phone and had no way of coordinating the meeting place with my mom and siblings (even though I knew it would probably be by See's). HOW did we ever get along without cell phones??? I was so close to Jeff's office I just booked it over there with screaming, dirty diapered baby and hauled him up there and in my sweaty, frazzled, chubby Mom glory I walked into his office, shut the door, my 20 lb. diaper bag slid off my shoulder and thunked on the floor, Jeff goes, "Hey, I've been texting you." "Yeah, I need to borrow your phone."

And we did decide to meet at See's.

The whole fam-damily -- THANK YOU ALL for coming.

Someone to carry on this branch of Hayes.

Aaaaand let's not forget to play with the iPad. I love how nephew M is drooling for his turn.

It was a great weekend, and Jude feels the love.

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