23 May 2011

Asterisk Points

* We watched Megamind a couple of weeks ago; I was laughing the whole time. Elizabeth told me it was funny but I underestimated it.
* I've been something of a law widow lately.
* I lost my writing mojo.
* Do they really have to wait until the new year to give us the second season of Downton Abbey???
* I have been reading baby books because my other book is Mockingjay and I am just not getting into it. Maybe it's because I already know how it ends. I read about it on Wikipedia. Eek! I do this from time to time because I become scared I'll invest time and emotion into reading something and hate the ending and have to mourn it for a few days, so I read epilogues or find out the ending halfway through.
* We keep buying carseat toys for Jude in hopes of converting the act of leaving the house from a terrorizing experience into a blissful (or just tolerable?!) one. They are ugly but they're all that are available. They don't work. Maybe it's because they're ugly.
* My mom came over on Friday afternoon to start teaching me how to sew. It was a blast. She also had an epiphany about our mantle and now it looks like this:

I'm digging it. The clock in the middle was a gift from Jeff ("and Jude") for Mother's Day. Love it.
* I'm typing up this blog post on my 2005 Mac iBook G4. What a crazy miracle. This thing is so slow, so haggard, so weighed down with memory overload and gunk. It sometimes decides not to work. The battery will last for oh, 2/3 of a minute if it's not plugged in. I need to clean it up and move the pictures and my music over to the good computer before this thing bites the dust for good.
* I kiss my baby approximately 2,384 times a day. His cheeks are heaven.
* Achoo!

* And a non-iPhone picture in parting:


Kevin and Kristina said...

Love it. I agree about the carseat toys. Caitlin finally doesn't hate the car. It has taken almost 6 months. I think it has something to do with liking the Beatles and having a longer attention span? We're going to kill our good streak in a few weeks when we go roadtripping though...

Love your mantle. It is gorgeous. Your mom needs to come help me decorate.

Jude is so darling! Seriously such a cutie!

Margaret said...

Can I leave an asterisk point comment?

*I loved the Obama-ish posters in Megamind..."No You Can't"

*Downton Abbey...serisouly. What will become of Bates and ???(just forgot her name) and is Mary going have to town up to her secret tryst? and for the love of all that is good and holy get Thomas out of that house. I can't believe we have to wait so long to see more.

* My old MacBook is barely chugging along as well. I hear ya about needing to update everything before this things dies for good.

*squeeze Jude's cheeks for his Auntie Margaret.

*and I think you are pretty awesome...and pretty.