29 May 2011

Some things about the author of this blog:

- I might have to start running again.

- My sister Sarah told me motherhood has made me "softer". Hmmm.

- That wonderful near-year of the "Your Girth and Emotions are Great with Pregnancy and Postpartums, but Thou Shalt Not Lose a Hair From Thy Head" is over. Dumb hair falling out left and right.

- Aforementioned hair grew many inches during aforementioned hair retention period. I have only trimmed my hair since I started really dating Jeff, because I knew he liked it long. But now it's getting Wicked Witch of the Ladera Ranch long, and I'm hankering to have a skilled professional take some sharp scissors to it. What will I do? I haven't a clue. Part of me wants to go Halle Barry. Part of me wants bangs again. Part of me wants to only trim it; my mom had long hair with a middle part when she was a young mother, and it makes me feel good to parallel hairstyles with phases of life with such a lady.

We'll see. My bangs are in that awful in-between period. Blech.

- I sliced my middle and pointer fingers while chopping an onion on Friday. 20 minutes later I slammed those same fingers in the side door. ??? Jeff examined them both times and after the second injury he said something in French. It was something along the lines of "Be careful and slow down, my dear."

- Goin to the beach tomorrow! Woot wooooooooot!

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