31 May 2011

The Best Memorial Day I've Ever Had

It really was!

I loved Jeff not going to work in the morning,

I loved putting the American flag we got from Bruce and Carolyn Cameron for our wedding to good use and letting it say hello to all passersby,

I loved going to Target by myself while Jeff put Jude down,

I loved getting a beach umbrella and "healthy" snacks,

I loved getting a Diet Coke with Vanilla and Cream (and a Cherry Limeade for Jeff) at Sonic right after Target,

I loved packing up my car with all the accouterments to keep my baby and his satin skin happy and protected,

I loved scooting over to Laguna with my boys and getting a good parking spot,

I loved giving Jude his first taste of the sand (loved it) and sea water (unimpressed),

I loved relaxing under the umbrella and unknowingly crisping my shins and tops of my feet,

I loved spending time with great friends at the beach,

I loved getting lunch with these great friends at La Sirena afterwards,

I loved changing Jude's biggest ever blow-out diaper in my car in the parking lot at La Sirena Grill and the mess that ensued (if I'm ever worried Jude's not "regular" I just need to leave the house),

I loved getting home in one piece and putting Jude down for a nap,

I loved getting treats and watching a movie on Apple TV with Jeff,

I loved it all.

I'll remember it as the best Memorial Day of all time.

Sorry your handsome face got half cut out, honey.


Dave Donaldson said...

Do you guys live in mission viejo/Lake forest area near that Target/Sonic? We live about 1/4 mile from there.

Katie Waldron said...

Jude is giving his "power to the people" fist pump! :) Love him.

Alice said...

So great. gotta love those blow-outs....Sylvia has one a day. Yup AT LEAST ONE A DAY. Had 4 today. I go through oxyclean like crazy.

(Married to Jeff's former roommate at Stanford and I think you're funny:)