15 March 2012


- Once again I have bangs -- voila!

- Proof that Jude is spoiled: When I'm snuggling him up at night before bed, I feed him a bottle.  When he finishes it his eyelids are so heavy.  But he turns his head toward me, and opens his mouth into a cute little oval.  The oval is for this: so I can put in his BINKY.  He knows I'll do it for him.  It makes me laugh every time.  However, now that I'm brushing his teeth he can only have water right before bed, which he doesn't care for, so this might just come to an end.

- Jude is changing bucket loads and it is crazy to watch.  He points at things, he picks up the remote, points it at the TV and pushes buttons, he's got real kisses down (except for the part where he makes contact with our cheeks while he smacks his little pucker), and his jibber jabbering has new sounds and rhythms every day.  He has so much energy it frightens me a little.  He yells just for the fun of it.  Deep breath in and then slowly exhale, yelling as he does it.  From the moment he wakes up in the morning it's go-go-go, and don't even bother trying to make him hold still.  Even with all his movement he still has energy to spare, and he seems to try to get some out in this facial expression:

He does this all the time lately; he's flexing every muscle in his neck and face.  Hilarious.  He's also getting in his other 2 molars and 3 other teeth.  Poor boy.

- Last week I decided I was really going to buckle down and banish the last 4 preg pounds.  I was waking up at 6am to run 4 miles, drinking a green smoothie for 2 meals a day and otherwise eating like I was the star participant at fat camp, but according to the scale I was GAINING weight.  Part of me wondered if our scale was on the fritz but then my pants weren't quite fitting, either.  Very disheartening.  So disheartening, in fact, by Saturday Jeff asked me what was wrong and I started crying telling him about it.  He asked what's in the smoothies I've been drinking.  As I went down the list he stopped me,

"Wait, there's Whey Protein in them?"
"(sniff sniff) Yeah,"
"Did you buy new Whey Protein or have you been using MY Whey Protein?"
He busts up laughing.  "Merzy, my protein powder is a WEIGHT GAINER!  It has 'Muscle Max' and all sorts of other stuff in it to build weight and muscle!"
"[still laughing] You've been building muscle on your runs like crazy!"

So I swapped the protein powder with vanilla yogurt and I am back to where I was pre-"Muscle Max". I felt like Rachel McAdams on Mean Girls with her Caltine Bars.  We are still laughing about it. :)

My little brother came into town 2 weekends ago to "try out" for a job as a lifeguard at Huntington Beach this summer.  He got the job so if you're drowning in HB this summer, have no fear.  I have to say Cameron is winning at the game of life lately, and he 100% deserves it.  He got an academic scholarship, got the aforementioned job for which hundreds applied, he's got the cutest girlfriend who loves him to bits (who will be lifeguarding with him), and has an internship in San Clemente too.  I am so proud of him!

Anyway when he was here I handed Jude over to him and the phenomenon continued: whenever Cameron is holding Jude, my baby goes into a stupor.  He stares at Uncle Cam "like he's just seen his first Trans Am".  This goes on for minutes straight.  Hilarious.

Better go start din-din!


chayes said...

Love the bangs! I also love the picture of Jude with that cute little crooked smile! I've seen that smile before somewhere and it cost us a bundle to fix!

meredith conroy said...

i LOVE your little man's strained face. INCREDIBLE. and the awe for your brother is darling. i want him so bad. (the jude meister, though im sure your bro is also awesome).

Alice said...

You are both so cute! I gained 5 lbs of muscles from running so much...that's why I think I'll stick to tri's. Mix it up, you have to figure out your new body after having a baby. I think you look amazing though!