04 March 2012

Kauai I

Yes, you will probably see a Kauai II and a Kauai III and maybe so many you'll dry heave.  The photo swap with Amber hasn't gone down yet, and there's too much to cram into one post anyway.

Of course I was very thrilled to go, but very anxious about the flights.  A 5 hour flight with the ultimate wiggler who is starting to do seek legal advice from the offices of Tantrum and Tantrum, LLP?

All things considered, he did ok.  I mean, he could have barfed on someone, he could have screamed the entire way, etc.  He took a few cat naps and I wanted to march into the cockpit and back hand the person who came on the intercom to make some announcement of marginal value.  Yes, thanks so much for waking up my child from the nap we truly labored to effectuate, only to let us know that the beverage cart was coming around.  We could have figured that out when you came wheeling down to my chair asking what I would like to drink.  Also, we were seated in the middle row of 3 seats.  The guy to my right had sitting on his tray table inches away from Jude (wait for it) a kindle, an iPod, an iPhone, and ear buds.  Locking a recovering alcoholic in a closet full of schnapps for 5 hours would be a good comparison.

After the plane had landed and the engines were off, it was taking everyone just about forever to get their carry-ons out and DE-PLANE.  We were standing in the aisle, rich with anticipation.  Jude was, of course, screaming and beyond consolation.  There was this man sitting a few rows ahead, making it clear with his pointed exasperated glare that he disapproved.  I might take this chance to mention he was traveling alone and wearing an electric blue UnderArmour shirt. Well I disapproved too, to be quite honest, but what could I do?  Sit Jude down and have a long, rational chat about societal norms?  Anyway I'm not confrontational and love to maintain composure, but Mama Bear was juuuust about ready to come out.  I was this close to asking "What?" and if he had something to say, but just then the people in our aisle started moving.  I'm a changed woman.

We made it to Honolulu and met up with Amber and Bryan in the food court.  Pinkberry set things to right inside my addled mom heart and brain, and the second 40 minute flight went off without a hitch.  Jude likes the window.

Jeff played our cards right and booked an economy car, knowing they'd probably be out of those and they'd have to upgrade us for free to a Jeep.  A Jeep for Jeff is what happened!  It was just like the one we had on our honeymoon and we were practically giggling for the fun memories and stroke of luck!

Even when he's beside himself with joy, Jeff looks incredibly tough.

All 6 of us went to Costco and then our Hayes trio went to the local grocery store for some diapers.  We kept freaking out about 2 things: a) how beautiful it was (is), even though we knew what to expect, and b) even though I'd only been there once before to Hawaii, and not to that island, I felt like I was being reunited with an old friend.  But that is paradise, I suppose!

Sometimes I think I want to live in Hawaii permanently but then I need to buy something.  Also, I was reminded that there ain't no Hawaiian Target with 50 million versions of every single item you could ever want.  At the grocery store there were size 3 diapers and size 6 diapers and Jude currently sports a 4.  I asked if they had any other sizes in the back and they said no but for the inconvenience gave me a free soda at the little fast food bubble hooked on to the side of the store :).  Which, after the headache going on in my noggin, was a welcomed sight. And he did ok with the size 3s.

Moving.  On.

We finally got to the hotel.  Jude was done.  We were done.  We took off his slobbery shirt with bits of cracker stuck to it, and dribbles of juice they gave us on the short flight that he surprisingly didn't like, and let him be half-way free on the grass with Violet.  We were so glad to be there hanging out in the splendor while the boys got us checked in.  Looking at the pictures, I still remember exactly how relieved we all felt.

Violet is about 6 months younger.  Their relationship hit peaks and valleys throughout the week.

We also saw the first of many chickens.  Bock bock bock.

This face Jude does (did -- he's already sort of knocked it off a little) cracks me up.  "What the heck, Mom?"


Carrie said...

Aaaahhhh, Kauai. Perhaps my favorite place ever. The recap of your flight sounds oh so familiar. The blaring intercom announcements, the never ending de-boarding process, the juice on the 40 min flight. And then those pictures! The tree tunnel, and that grass - the lovely Hawaiian grass, and the chickens. I'll be eagerly awaiting your next post. And eagerly awaiting our next visit. Oh and Jude's "What the heck, Mom" face is cracking me up.

Alice said...

HA! You hit the nail on the head. YES YES YES to the airplane people who talk SO LOUD to make announcements. When we flew to SC in Dec. and they kept waking up Sylvia, Jared asked them if they could turn it down but they said the volume was FAA regulated.

Kristina said...

So glad you had fun! Can't wait to see more pictures. I am sooo anxious about the flight with Cate when we go in June. My last trip involved Andrew screaming on three flights and throwing up on me immediately after we got off the first plane (and still had two more flights to go on that day). It was so terrible I've tried to block it out. I am really hoping both my kids aren't crazy. So glad Jude we pretty good for you. What a cutie!